Building a Brand on the Move

Jané has been well established in Europe for decades, but not so much here in the states. As an established brand that essentially sold itself, they didn’t need a brand identity, statement or story…until now.

Made to move you

There are few things in this world that have the ability and capacity to move us, both physically and emotionally, the way a child does. A simple look can say a million words. A smile can completely change the outlook of your day. A first step can be etched into your memory bank, forever marking its importance. A cry can send you running, heart racing to find out what’s wrong.

That emotion is what inspires us as a company, to do more than create things that take you from point A to point B: we innovate to change the way people think about our products and focus on raising safety that challenges the standards set by our industry. We do this in order to ensure we’re providing not only safe products, but also a greater sense of security to each parent.

We understand, that like parenting, this is an ongoing process that requires learning, humility, and more effort than you thought possible. Our goal is to provide something more significant, something safer, and something innovative. For more than 80 years we’ve witnessed those smiles, tended to those tears and watched those footsteps with baited breath. It’s what makes us unmistakably who we are. It’s what makes us Jané.

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Giving the products a story

Each product, while sharing the same quality and safety story, has it’s own personality that fits uniquely into each household based on certain characteristices. All of these stories, tied into the brand story and visual story create a cohesive unit…one with identity personality and style that bring this brand to life.

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